Large Christmas Hamper #2 (12/3 thru 12/24 only)

Large Christmas Hamper #2 (12/3 thru 12/24 only)

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You call them Christmas baskets but we call them Christmas hampers back in England

This hamper includes 3 *Christmas crackers as well as the following treats:

Half a dozen raisin scones, Half a dozen cranberry scones, a dozen mini mince pies,  a dozen cranberry citrus shortbreads, 6 x 1oz. Bonne Maman strawberry jam, and a dozen PG Tips tea bags. 

This is a great delicious and fun gift for anyone!

*Christmas crackers are festively decorated cardboard tubes that two people pull apart from each end to reveal the cute little surprises inside the tube. The cracker will contain a paper crown, a slip of paper with some sort of corny dad joke in it, and a little surprise gift. So why are they called crackers? They are called crackers because they make a firecracker noise similar to a party popper when you pull both ends!