Cleaning and Packing Your Borrowed Treasures

To ensure the continued beauty of our teaware, we kindly ask for your assistance with cleaning and packing after your delightful event.

Here's a simple guide:

  • Gentle Hand Care: Please refrain from washing or placing items in the dishwasher. A gentle wipe will suffice for most cleaning needs.
  • Pre-pack Prep: Kindly wipe and remove any remaining food or drink before packing.
  • Nested Delights: For secure storage, place teacups inside their designated china keepers. Saucers can be nestled comfortably within smaller zipped china keepers.
  • Wrapped with Care: We've provided bubble wrap to help ensure safe transport. Please rewrap each china piece before packing.
  • Secure and Sound: Pack all items snugly within the provided containers, taking care to maximize space while ensuring stability.

Finally, your neatly packed boxes can be placed readily accessible for pickup.

Thank you for helping us maintain the charm of our tea sets!